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The Significance of Context


In a mesmerising performance, French choreographer Yoann Bourgeois once astutely captured the essence of success. His artistry on stage illuminated a fundamental truth – the path to success is neither a well-guarded recipe nor a secret sauce but a journey uniquely moulded by grit, trial, and intuition.


🎥 shot by Mathieu Stern – Instagram: @mathieustern


Consider the culinary world, where aspiring chefs often covet the best cookbooks from culinary luminaries. These tomes meticulously detail every ingredient and measurement, enticing readers with the prospect of replicating gourmet magic. Yet, the reality is stark: acquiring these recipes alone won’t magically transform you into the next Mary Berry or Gordon Ramsay.


Why is this so?


Because success, whether in the realms of business, career, sports, or culinary mastery, is an intricate tapestry woven from various threads. It thrives on the sweat of effort, the scars of experimentation, and the symphony of intuition.

In this light, we recognise a fundamental truth: while readily available, advice is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Its worth lies not in the words themselves but in the context in which they are applied.

When we seek counsel, especially in the business world, from those we perceive as successful, we must delve deeper into the context of their journey.

It’s about understanding the unique circumstances they encountered on their path to triumph. Who were the individuals they collaborated with when launching their ventures? What was the timing of their foray into the market? Which clients or customers did they serve, and how did these factors contribute to their ascent?

Without this contextual understanding, we risk embracing empty motivational jargon. Success stories are as varied as the people who achieve them, and unthinkingly following advice can lead us astray.

So, the next time you find yourself seeking guidance from the accomplished, remember this: advice is cheap, and context is everything.

In your pursuit of success, the context will illuminate the path forward, making the difference between hollow words and transformative wisdom.