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Focus On Your Personality

Perhaps you haven’t heard it before that skills and experience aren’t the only things that matter when considering a career move. An interesting study by Australian researchers grouped more than 3,500 jobs by the personalities of the people in the roles concluded that the best way to change your job is to focus on your personality.


The sampling (1,227, to be exact) shows that the farther away one cluster is from another, the less likely someone in one group would be a good fit for a job in the other. Apparently, an architect can be a good fit in a business analyst role!


In case you don’t possess all the skills needed for your next career move, perhaps consider asking recruiters and interviewers about the personality traits they look for. Hopefully, this will get you further than you thought.


Source: Bloomberg Businessweek [The Best Way to Change Your Job Is to Focus on Your Personality]