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On 27 July 2012, thousands were gathered in the Olympic Park to join the millions around the world watching the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony.
In September 2011, an email came into my UCL student inbox outlining volunteering opportunities for the London 2012 Olympic Games. I excitedly applied straightaway.
Weeks later, the London 2012 Ceremonies team confirmed that my application was approved, and I got invited into two auditions to determine my specific role.
‘’Congratulations! You will perform in the industrial revolution segment - it is an important role and requires commitment..’’ I was one of the people in the top hats. My 3 seconds of fame are at 00:18 in the clip.
Attending 26 long rehearsals meant most of my evenings and weekends were spent in the Olympic stadium learning from top choreographers and actors and interacting with Kenneth Branagh & Danny Boyle.
London Olympics 2012
That once-in-a-lifetime experience has positively influenced various aspects of my life. Benefits included patience, team-working, being part of something big, self-confidence, imagination, empathy, concentration and having fun.

Fun Fact

The organisers requested us to grow our sideburns for the big day. It was funny to go to job interviews during the rehearsals with Victorian facial hair. The awkward looks weren't pleasant, but hey, who cares?

Moral of the Story

Because some great experiences don't come twice in life, grasp every opportunity to learn, grow and, of course, enjoy.

Oh yeah, and waking up on a cold and rainy day to a letter from No.10 has lightened up my mood.